Apexvision Triple Processes (Project Design, Implementation and Management)

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

Apexvision HR system is coded and designed with the HR professional in mind. Our extensive years of research and development have resulted in software that is:

·        User friendly: The User Interface is very easy to use and understand.

·        Cost Effective: The price structure is flexible and allows for scaling of requirements.

·        High Quality: The software delivers consistent results and our development team is continuously working on improvement.

·        Fully Integrated: The software allows for easy integration with other softwares within the enterprise.

·        Cloud Based: Allows for operations in multiple location and back up of sensitive data.

These are the systems that assist a company in its key roles of Hiring, Training, Benefits and Records.

The common system tasks are:

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Why Apexvision is your HR System Partner

Apexvision HR system has the following advantages:

·        Robust IT Department

This avails personnel for all your requirements such as scaling of solutions. Both in software and hardware. E.g. Biometric Machines.

·        Direct Linkages with Data Solution Providers

This allows for better negotiations of KPI and SLA with the data providers.

·        Understanding of the Legal Framework

The software is developed to comply with the legal framework. The software will also point out where there are deviations to the law.

·        Customizable

The system is designed to meet the specific demands of the client.