Apexvision Triple Processes (Project Design, Implementation and Management)

Enterprise Email System

Enterprise Email System

Apexvision email system is a safe and reliable way to enhance enterprise communication.

The benefits of Apexvision email system are:

·        Professionalism: Gives a company a certain feel of professionalism

·        Secure Data: Allow the company to secure data on its clients and correspondence. This is a key according to the GDPR (GeneralData Protection Regulation) and avoid hacking of email addresses.

·        Scalable: Allows the email service to easily scale with the company. Emails can easily be added and removed.

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Why Apexvision is your Enterprise Email Partner

Apexvision Email System has the following advantages:                                  

·        Direct Linkages with Equipment Manufacturers: This allows for sourcing equipment at reasonable prices together with the support required. E.g. Servers

·        Robust IT Department: This avails personnel for all your requirements such as scaling of solutions. Both in software and hardware.

·        Direct Linkages with Data Solution Providers: This allows for better negotiations of KPI and SLA with the data providers.

·        Cloud based backup: All items and correspondence are backed up in the cloud.