Apexvision Triple Processes (Project Design, Implementation and Management)

Call Centre Solution

Call Centre Solution

Apexvision has over the years developed robust software to handle call centers.

The software is developed on the backbone of many years of research and development (R&D) that allows us to meet all the needs of our clients.

This is the centralized office used for receiving large volumes of phone calls. The call centre provides a robust service both for incoming calls and outgoing calls.

The software includes the following benefits:

·        Easy transitions of work shifts with minimal data loss.

·        Easy to use and capture data

·        Provides easy to understand data analysis

Why Apexvision is your Call Centre Partner

Our software has proven capacity in:

·        Inbound Call Handling: The software is able to handle many calls and scale depending on the clients' needs.

·        Outbound Call Handling: The software is able to handle many calls and scale depending on the clients' needs.

·        Follow up Call Handling: The software has a laid down intuitive procedure that allows for managers to follow up on numerous issues.

Our components that allow us to achieve great results are:


·        High Speed Data Connectivity: This allows the call centre to use VOIP where need be.

·        Equipment Back Up: All equipment has a back up option in case of failure.

·        Cloud and Physical Storage: All data is stored both within the cloud and in our physical servers and updated in realtime.

·        First Call Resolution: This is ensuring the call query is handled appropriately the first time and thus eliminates the need for follow ups.

·        Issue Tracking System: This is our inhouse software that allows us to record and follow up any issue until the problem is resolved. This is particularly useful in resolution of Trouble Tickets.

·        Computer Telephony Integration: This is the computer telephony integration application that automatically displays the relevant caller's information. E.g. How many TTs handled by a technician and their skill set and region.

·        Skill Based Routing: We use our automatic call distributor system to ensure calls are handled by the most applicable agent. It helps to distinguish between non-technical and technical calls.