Apexvision Triple Processes (Project Design, Implementation and Management)

Online Shopping System

Online Shopping System

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser.

Online Shopping System is a web-based system which is made for remote-shopping or shopping through Internet.


The main objective of the online shopping system is to manage the details of shopping, product, Internet, payment, customer. It manages all the information about shopping, delivery, customer, shopping.

Functionalities provided by our Online Shopping System are as follows:

1)     Provides the searching facilities based on various factors. Such as shopping, Internet, payment, customer.

2)     Online shopping system also manager the delivery details online for payment details, customer details, shopping.

3)     It tracks all the information of product, delivery, payment etc.

4)     Manage the information of product.

5)     Shows the information and description of the shopping.

6)     To increase efficiency of managing the shopping, product.

7)     It details with monitoring the information and transaction of payment.

8)     Manage the information of shopping.

9)     Editing, adding and updating of records is improved which results in proper resource management of shopping data.

10)  Manage the information of payment.

11)  Integration of all records of customer.

Modules of our Online Shopping System are:

v Shopping management module: Used for managing the shopping details

v Customer module: Used for managing the details of customer

v Delivery module: Used for managing the details ofdelivery

v Product management module: Used for managing the information and details of the product

v Internet module: Used for managing the Internet details

v Payment module: Used for managing the payment information

v Login module: Used for managing the login details

v Users module: Used for managing the users of the system

Why Apexvision is your Online Shopping System partners

·        Online transaction security system

·        Data security system and data accuracy

·        Network robust

·        Network redundancy

·        Easy to expand

·        Modular design

·        Customizable

·        Minimize manual data entry

·        Minimum time needed for the various processing

·        Greater efficiency

·        Batter service

·        User friendliness and interactive